Volunteer Handbook



Dear Friends,

It is with great excitement that we welcome you to be a part of the Champaign County Christian Health Center (CCCHC) family. Since 2004, CCCHC has provided quality free health care for those without insurance. We are glad to have you join the mission to help meet the health care needs of our uninsured neighbors of Champaign County. What is most exciting is that we are not only meeting the health care needs of individuals, but also addressing their needs in a holistic way.

Your talents and time are valuable and we want to be good stewards of them. We value your input and initiative and are constantly looking for ways to improve the services we provide. Thank you for wanting to co-labor with us at CCCHC!

With Warmest Welcome,
Jeffrey Trask

Mission Statement

Champaign County Christian Health Center is a not for profit health center founded in 2003. Our mission is to show and share the love of Jesus Christ to our neighbors of Champaign County by providing holistic, free, and quality health care services.

General Information

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 5005
Champaign, IL 61825

Main Clinic & Office Address
1400 W Park St
Urbana, IL 61801

Directions to Main Clinic:
Located in the Community Resource Center of OSF Heart of Mary Medical Center
Corner of Wright St and Church St
Park in Lot 3

Phone: 217-398-2914
Fax: 217-398-2926
Email: volunteer@ccchc2003.org

Website: www.ccchc2003.org

Primary Care
Every Tuesday: volunteer times 5:00–8:00PM, appointments start 5:00-7:30PM
2nd and 4th Wednesdays: volunteer times 5:00–8:00PM, appointments start 6:00-7:30PM

Dental Care
Every second Monday of the month: volunteer times 5:00-7:30PM, appointments 5:15-6:30PM

For appointments (for primary care or to be added to the dental waiting list), call (217) 402-5683 anytime and leave a message. We will call back on Mondays between 6:00-8:00PM to schedule appointments for that week.

CORE Values

CORE=Christ, Our Reason for Everything
● Christ founded
We believe that in Jesus Christ the love, mercy, and grace of God are made known to us and to all people.
● Dignity and Respect of All People
We believe in respecting others and providing an atmosphere that gives dignity to all we serve (James 2: 1-9).
● Provide Hope
We believe the importance to reveal and show the hope that holistic care brings in all aspects of life.
● Good Stewards
We believe that the resources at our disposal are not our own. Therefore, we live as faithful stewards of all our material resources, time, energy, and talents.
● Unity and Collaboration
We believe it is imperative to work with our neighbors and fellow workers in the community to most efficiently and effectively meet the needs of the community.
● Relational
We believe in establishing relationship with our patients, fellow volunteers, and all others involved in CCCHC to promote unity and growth among one another.
● Excellence
We believe excellence honors God and therefore strive for it in everything we undertake. Our purpose, vision, ministries, and decisions are nurtured in prayer, seeking the direction and wisdom of the Lord.

Volunteer Job Descriptions

● Three volunteers per clinic who work in a team to ensure that clients are welcomed to the clinic and guided through each of the stations efficiently.
● Greeter will check-in patients, assist new clients in filling out intake forms, and prepare charts for new clients.
● Client Flow will escort clients to each station of the clinic (triage, social work, provider, and discharge).
● Hospitality Back-up will assist both the greeter and client flow.
● All three should help make clients feel welcomed, relaxed and comfortable, including light conversation with patient and family.

Spiritual Care
● Discuss spiritual needs of patient and ask their permission to pray with them
● Seek permission from patient to communicate any needs to the provider that may affect health outcomes

● Provides volunteers with food on clinic nights
● Arrive 15 minutes before clinic begins to set up food

● Identify yourself as an interpreter and explain your language skill level to client
● Assist patient in filling out intake forms (some forms will be available in Spanish)
● Accompany clients as they progress through the clinic stations, providing interpretation between client and provider as needed

● Requires RN, LPN, CNA, EMT or MOA designation, some nursing or medical school students eligible as well
● Record history, blood pressure, height/weight measurements on medical chart

Social Work
● Requires LCSW status or MSW degree in progress, willing to work with LCSW
● Speak with client about various social services

● Requires MD, APN, or PA status
● Provide quality primary or specialty care for patients

● Requires RN background
● Reviews medication and/or treatments prescribed by provider with client
● Answers client’s questions regarding medication/treatment, ensuring the client’s understanding of their role in the treatment process
● Initiates client education as indicated
● Provides client with outside resources to improve health outcomes
● Records all interactions with client concerning their care in medical chart

● Requires phlebotomy license
● Performs lab tests ordered by providers

Volunteer Details

Client Confidentiality
You may have access and will have exposure to highly personal information about clients. It is important that you maintain and respect client confidentiality at all times.

Training for most positions entails shadowing an experienced volunteer in the area you wish to work. Training must take place during clinic hours and must include at least one shift. Once your trainer confirms your understanding of and ability to carry out the specified role, you also will need to go through the “On-Boarding” process before you can be scheduled to volunteer.

“On-Boarding” Process Requirements
-Submit Immunization Records
-Copy of license (if applicable)
-Obtain a TB test within the last 6 months (which can be paid for by the clinic. Talk to the VC)
-Flu Shot (during Flu season)
-Sign a “Confidentiality” and a “volunteer agreement” forms

Tracking Your Time
Every time you volunteer at CCCHC, please sign in and out. It is important for you to keep track of your own volunteer hours. We will also keep a record on file of the hours you logged in and out.

For most volunteer areas the scheduling will be done by the volunteer coordinator. Reminders will be sent out via email the week that you are scheduled to volunteer. However, it is important that you keep track of your scheduled date.

If you need to change a shift before or after a reminder goes out, please let the volunteer coordinator know so that a sub can be scheduled in your place.

All questions, concerns, and suggestions that arise during your volunteer experience should be directed to the appropriate supervisor. The following is a list of the volunteer or staff person responsible for specific areas of CCCHC.

Executive Director: Crystal Hogue

Team Leaders
Nursing: Zoe Warner, Carmen Zych
Laboratory: Terry Hahnstadt, Cynthia Zehr
Food: Jill Butler

Universal Precautions Policy

As a CCCHC volunteer you will come in contact with patients who have a variety of health concerns. In an effort to protect you and other patients from infectious disease, it is imperative that all volunteers use precautions when interacting with CCCHC patients. If you are in a medical role, this means that universal precautions must be observed during all patient contact. Gloves in all sizes are available. Please ask the clinic supervisor if you need gloves to perform your volunteer duties. Volunteers who are not in direct patient care advised to use standard precautions such as hand washing, covering of nose/mouth when sneezing/coughing; providing patients with tissues and offering drinks in disposable cups only. If blood is observed on any patient at any time, it is imperative that you use gloves before touching the bleeding site.

In the event that you are exposed to blood or bodily fluids, please inform the clinic supervisor at once. They will insure that the proper procedures can be initiated, thereby reducing risk and anxiety. Arrangements have been made with the Champaign Urbana Public Health Department for any testing that may be needed. There will be no charge to the volunteer for this testing. We also encourage you to contact your personal physician as soon as possible.

It is helpful to note that your risk for infection is very low. By employing the above-mentioned precautions, you can reduce your risk even further. Further information on universal precautions and infection control is available from the clinic supervisor. Please do not hesitate to ask for it, if you desire more knowledge on the subject. Together we can reduce everyone’s risk and run a well-controlled clinic.

Volunteer Agreement

I have received and read Champaign County Christian Health Center’s Volunteer Handbook. As a CCCHC volunteer, I agree to:

● Keep in strict confidence all information I may learn directly or indirectly about a patient or fellow volunteer unless legally obligated to do otherwise;
● Uphold the mission and values of CCCHC, realizing that when volunteering, I represent CCCHC and so will honor CCCHC’s values in words and in action;
● Arrive on time for my scheduled shift, or if I cannot maintain my commitment, find my own replacement as soon as possible and notify the volunteer coordinator;
● Treat all patients, staff, and fellow volunteers with dignity, courtesy, and respect;
● Bring an attitude of flexibility and willingness for training and supervision;
● Complete all assigned tasks with a commitment to excellence;
● Consult the appropriate supervisor when I have a question, problem, or suggestion or when I do not know how to handle a situation.