Get Involved

CCCHC has many volunteer opportunities, both medical and non-medical. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at CCCHC, please read through the Volunteer Handbook and fill out the application here. Below is a copy of our volunteer handbook.


  • Three volunteers per clinic who work in a team to ensure that clients are welcomed to the clinic and guided through each of the stations efficiently.
  • Greeter will check-in patients, assist new clients in filling out intake forms, and prepare charts for new clients.
  • Client Flow will escort clients to each station of the clinic (triage, social work, provider, and discharge).
  • Hospitality Back-up will assist both the greeter and client flow.
  • All three should help make clients feel welcomed, relaxed and comfortable, including light conversation with patient and family.
  • Spiritual Care
  • Discuss spiritual needs of patient and ask their permission to pray with them
  • Seek permission from patient to communicate any needs to the provider that may affect health outcomes
  • Food
  • Provides volunteers with food on clinic nights
  • Arrive 15 minutes before clinic begins to set up food
  • Interpreters
  • Identify yourself as an interpreter and explain your language skill level to client
  • Assist patient in filling out intake forms (some forms will be available in Spanish)
  • Accompany clients as they progress through the clinic stations, providing interpretation between client and provider as needed
  • Social Work
  • Requires LCSW status or MSW degree in progress, willing to work with LCSW
  • Speak with client about various social services
  • Medical

  • Requires RN, LPN, CNA, EMT or MOA designation, some nursing or medical school students eligible as well
  • Record history, blood pressure, height/weight measurements on medical chart
  • Provider
  • Requires MD, APN, or PA status
  • Provide quality primary or specialty care for patients
  • Discharge
  • Requires RN background
  • Reviews medication and/or treatments prescribed by provider with client
  • Answers client’s questions regarding medication/treatment, ensuring the client’s understanding of their role in the treatment process
  • Initiates client education as indicated
  • Provides client with outside resources to improve health outcomes
  • Records all interactions with client concerning their care in medical chart
  • Labs
  • Requires phlebotomy license
  • Performs lab tests ordered by providers